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-===== Intro ===== 
-Culturachip is a spanish/​portuguese speaking collective centered around retrocomputing arts such as  8bit/​micromusic,​ circuit bending, visuals, pixel art, coding, databending... 
-The community is fed by the constant effort from artist, labels and enthusiast across different countries with the aim of sharing and providing any kind of related information,​ such as tutorials, releases, feedback, support... 
-The website is structured in different sections that turn the collaborative behavior into an easier task. Those are:  
-  * **Twitter**,​ this is a place aimed to stay up to date to all the news related to the community and the outer scene. 
-  * **Wiki**, A growing collaborative project, with the goal of providing quality and quantity information. 
-  * **Mail list**, Mail-list that is now registering low activity due to the forum. 
-  * **Irc** ​ Web based chat that points to the official IRC channel #​culturachip. 
-  * **Forum ** Is the most active section and the natural place for sharing and discussing any related topics. 
-  * **Radio** Music player for the Soundcloud group where users share their latest tracks, it's therefore being constantly updated. 
-  * **Meta** Page that is automatically fed by the releases posted on the forum. 
-  * **Compos**, Shows that all the competitions (known as compos in slang) held on the community. 
-===== History ===== 
-CulturaChip was conceived inside the womb of two major forum-based chiptune communities:​ 8bitcollective and Chipmusic.com. The idea on mind was to create a hotbed for all spare growing collectives around Spanish speaking countries and let them grow together, creating a space for collaboration. The very first sections on the collective were the main front page, with a twitter account for instant news, a mail list, an Irc channel and a wiki. 
-After a first wave of enthusiasm and collaboration,​ the days passed and the collective entered in a low activity period in the first summer of existence, but after an long discussion about the meaning of the collective itself, a idea that was primarily discarded on this iteration was decided to be implemented:​ A community forum. 
-This also brought another wave of high activity. New ideas and sections were born such as the Soundcloud Radio and the Metanetlabel. The last to date section added was Compos. 
-As more and more ideas are still emerging from the forums the range of activity would eventually keep up growing by itself =) 
-===== Compos ===== 
-==== MicroCompo 23/12/10 ==== 
-==== Nube de sonidos (compilation) ==== 
-==== I Pseudo-pop ==== 
-==== I Cumple CC ==== 
-==== I Invisible CC ==== 
-==== MicroCompo Master System ==== 
-===== Sindicated collectives ===== 
-===== External links ===== 
-  * [[https://​8bc.org/​forums/​viewtopic.php?​id=19972|Fundational thread on 8bc.org]] 
-  * [[http://​chipmusic.org/​forums/​post/​24933/​|Fundational thread on chimusic.org]] 
-  * [[http://​truechiptilldeath.com/​blog/​2011/​09/​12/​releases-from-culturachip-forums/​|TCTD : CulturaChip release round]] 
-  * [[http://​truechiptilldeath.com/​blog/​2012/​01/​09/​i-cumple-cc-first-aniversary-release-for-culturachip/​|TCTD : 1st aniversary speedcompo]] 
-  * [[http://​truechiptilldeath.com/​blog/​2012/​03/​05/​culturachip-microcompo-master-system/​|TCTD : Sega Master System microcompo]] 
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