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-===== Intro ===== 
-Culturachip is a spanish/​portuguese-speaking collective based on retrocomputing arts, like 8bit/​micromusic,​ circuit bending, visuals, pixel art, coding and databending. 
-A community whith a constant effort from artist from different countries and labels for providing information sources, tutorials and support in those disciplines. For better a collaborative structure for its information,​ you can find in their website different sections: Wiki, Mail list, Irc, Compos, Radio (Soundcloud group), Compos, Meta (Metanetlabel) and a twitter account to stay up to date. Different sources and form of knowlegde with the same purpose in mind. 
-===== History ===== 
-CulturaChip was conceived inside the womb of two major forum-based chiptune communities:​ 8bitcollective and Chipmusic.com. The idea in mind was to ... 
-===== Compos ===== 
-===== Sindicated collectives ===== 
-===== External links ===== 
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